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Inspired by Art
Transform your ordinary into extraordinary. Our Artera Premium Quartz series, inspired by the famous artists, is trend setting, elegant, low maintenance, stain resistant, and almost indestructible.



“A beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not.”⠀
– Leonardo da VinciPresenting our first piece of Artera premium quartz collection, is Leonardo. ⠀
Taking inspiration from the Renaissance artist, scientist and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci, is a perfect embodiment of art in the form of stone. The Leonardo quartz, a symphony of white with grey outlines the grandiose manner in which streaks of science co exist with creativity.⠀
Measuring upto it’s inspiration and name, the first piece of Artera collection, Leonardo is a masterpiece that imbibes the unusual power of art and nature in its purest form.⠀


“The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.”⠀
– MichelangeloThe next piece of the Artera Premium Quartz Collection is named after the Renaissance artist, Michelangelo who believed that there exists art in every block of stone.⠀
Taking that belief forward in our creations, Michelangelo Quartz has been carved from the depth of nature to be original and one of a kind.⠀
The simplified yet expressive geometry of the artist’s works can be observed in the spiralling composition of the stone which rightly makes it a precious and a rare part of our collection.


The third piece of the collection follows the legacy of the Renaissance sculptor, Donatello, and perfectly assimilates the artistic freedom that the sculptor is still widely known for.⠀

Elaborate visual with the focus on detail and depth makes Donatello Quartz one of a kind piece of art.⠀

Bold streaks in the foreground against the delicate landscape make a picture that is a harmoniously calm and pleasing sight to witness, adding incomparable beauty to our Premium Quartz Collection.⠀


Inspired by the high Renaissance artist, Raphael, the next quartz in our Artera Premium Collection, can be identified as a visual treat for clear composition.

Doing absolute justice to its namesake, Raphael quartz’s calm & distinguished shading gives it a majestic aesthetic and equilibrium, which is one of its attractive features.⠀
Uncomplicated and peaceful simplicity, filled with sublime serenity on a canvas is the quartz’s natural habitat and makes it a pioneer for artistic endeavours.⠀


Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.⠀
-Pablo Picasso⠀Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, a key figure in modern art is the inspiration behind our next piece of Quartz, Picasso.⠀
The legacy of Picasso is perfectly shown in the geometric, grid-like forms on the stone.⠀
The use of perspective & broken contours on the surface is a testament to the abstract art of the modern era.⠀
In a true representation of the artist, the quartz’s fractured composition serves as a bridge between real & illusionistic art.⠀

Van Gogh

Keep your love of nature, for that, is the true way to understand art more and more.
– Vincent Van Gogh⠀The next addition to our Quartz collection takes inspiration from the post-impressionist Dutch artist, Vincent Van Gogh.⠀
Indistinct lines & chaotic yet imaginative contours, impart an individualistic flair and charm to Van Gogh Quartz.⠀
The natural pattern on the surface of the stone resembles the spontaneous brushwork on a canvas and basks in the glory of the painter’s instinctive style of painting.

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