Aurisina Lumachella Hotel - Taxilastone
Extensive use of the polished and honed grey Italian marble in the hotel project including lobby, common areas, and guest rooms.
Quarried in Triesta, north eastern Italy, AurisinaLumachella is a highly sought marble in the industry for its distinct surface. The stone derives its name from the snail shaped patterns as lumachella translates to little snail in Italian. Scientifically a limestone but commercially a marble, it is used in applications varying from functional to decorative due to its hard & compact nature. The small fossil like fragments create a visual like no other & makes the marble truly one of a kind. Being a very hard and compact stone, AurisinaLumachellacan be used sawn finish or processed in several finishes including polished, honed, brushed, bush-hammered, sandblasted, flamed and water jet, proving to be suitable for a variety of structural and decorative applications including external and internal flooring and cladding, monuments and design objects.AurisinaLumachellahas been awarded as the Best of StonExpo/Marmo+Mac in the "Style & Design" Category at The International Surface Event 2019 held in Las Vegas.

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2cm Aurisina Lumachella

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